Mangaka’s Note 2: Ithil’ael Methen (the Last Child)

Like many other fantasy enthusiasts, I love "The Lord of the Rings" (and World of Warcraft, for the record). I was fascinated by David Salo's "A Gateway to Sindarin," which is basically a grammar book for Tolkien's Elvish languages, and I wanted to name some of my own characters in "grammatically correct" ways. Ithil'ael should … Continue reading Mangaka’s Note 2: Ithil’ael Methen (the Last Child)


Mangaka’s Note 1: Kay Aihara

Following in the tradition of manga books in Japan, I would like to introduce some background information behind "BETWEEN THE MOON AND STARS" during the intermission. The first Mangaka's Note (manga creator's note) features the main protagonist, Kay Aihara!     When I was developing Kay's personality and background, I felt the world had enough … Continue reading Mangaka’s Note 1: Kay Aihara